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They are used for filtering dusts and fumes from industrial processes. We can offer the most suitable solution for any kind of dust, resulting from production process or solid product handling.

The quality standard is high, as it always relies on research and development studies on filter materials, followed by stringent tests. Experience has led us to have a wide range of air filtration and purification products applied to all the following processes:

  • systems of metallization, sandblasting, abrasion, deburring, powder coating;
  • grinding, mixing and filling systems;
  • rectification and polishing processes;
  • suction of thermal cutting powders.

Different types of filters are used for filtering the dusts, depending on the systems:  filters with filter sleeves or cartridges.





such as venturi pipes, rotating nozzles for cleaning, manometers, etc.

Other products:

Elementi, sistemi e accessori per la filtrazione d

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  • Adescatori a pistone e membrana
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