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Industrial and naval

For marine engines such as Wartsila®, M.A.N.® B&W slternative and original naphta, air and oil filters.

"Candle" filter

Original and alternative Boll & Kirch® filters are used to purify lubricating oils, fuels, but also coolants and other fluids.

They are divided into two large families: screwed and quick-coupled ones, each available with different filtering materials, according to the needs and specifications of the application builder.

Filter material used: metal cloth or polyester fibre.

Our range of candle filters uses the best construction technologies to offer:

  • Resistance to alkaline cleaning agents;
  • Protection against mechanical damage;
  • Protection against deformation.

            The new generations of duplex filters use candle filter inserts instead of multi-layer filters to ensure longer durability and better versatility of use (the candles are individually replaceable).

Multi-layer Filters

Also used in naval and industrial sectors, they consist of several concentric filtering cylinders.

This structure allows to achieve a large filtering surface with a small dimension.

Washable manually or in an ultrasonic bath, these filtering elements can equip duplex or simplex filters and the filtering material can be in wire or stainless steel mesh, with filtration degrees of 10 to 2000μ.

Finally, it is possible to inspect a multi-layer filter, which will be returned in conditions similar to those of a new filter.

Pleated filter elements

Original and alternative Boll & Kirch® filters can filter almost all types of fluids: lubricants, fuel, hydraulic oils, refrigerant liquids and washing liquids.

Manufactured in stainless steel, they offer the largest filtration surface per volume: it varies from 690 to 105,000 cm².

They can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath or high pressure nozzle and the filtration rates range from 10 to 250 μ.

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