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DESIGN: Our systems are dimensioned and designed internally. We can supply system drawings for approval. We provide technical data sheets of all our components with dimensions and performance. On completion of the work, we issue CE and ATEX certifications and use and maintenance manuals. In the case of support structures, we issue calculation reports. 

INSTALLATION: we normally use our internal teams for most demanding accomplishments. When needed, we rely on the collaboration of other outdoor artisans. These consolidated collaborations guarantee an assembly quality compliant with our internal standards. We are available for assemblies all over the country and abroad.

ORDINARY AND EXTRA-ORDINARY MAINTENANCE: we carry out ordinary maintenance plans for our plants or other builders' ones. At the end of each work, we issue maintenance records showing the operations performed and the measured values ​​(bearing temperature, motor absorption, filter cleaning air pressures). We use collaborators to collect exhaust filters and carbons.


  • Cartridge filters
  • Pocket filters
  • Oil mist filters
  • Sleeve filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Suction bench
  • Scrubber



Mechanical Machining
Metal Sheet Cutting
Plastic Moulding
Rubber Industry
Fibreglass Processing
Polystyrene Processing
Graphite Processing
Thermal Treatments
Metal Cleaning
Hot Stamping
Glass Processing
Food Industry
Chemical Industry
Textile Industry
Air Treatment Units (UTA)

Other products:

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